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What is BEVOLUTION?  "Bevolution is the inner revolution creating the outer transformation."

Thank you for watching videos on this page - our intention is to aspire/inspire people to take back their power. Please care and share with as many as possible. When we work as ONE FORCE, we can do much more than we can even think.



1. Download brainwave model
2. Download Prof. Santini's findings from 2001
3. Download "Silent Weapons for a Quiet War"
4. Download the European Resolution 1815 from May 2011

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Bevolution is about you!

Friday the 29th April 2011

The Love vibrations are expanding every day.

It's now the 17th of May and we are still wor-king on it all and we get more aligned again - thank you for your patience.

Do you feel the great changes - do you obser-ve people changing for the better and many struggling right now due to the fact that they need to change - all is changing for the better.

We are powerful Co-creators all of us and our thoughts, feelings and actions are crucial when co-creating what we really wish to experience in the world. It's all about you, since when you change, the world changes - we are all One.

Yes, this website will get much more attention from now on - a huge chapter in Danish is done and now it's time for ONE FORCE BE - the Force is Love in action.

Bevolution is the inner revolution creating the outer transformation.

All transformation is about thought processes.

Change is always in the Now. Understanding is taking right action. Revolution means to turn around. It's all about you - you'are the One.

Please watch below and download pdfs and watch videos, etc. Enjoy and stay tuned!

The Human Project recommends

0. Download brainwave model in English

1. Download "Silent Weapons for a Quiet War"

2. Download "Wake up call for Scandinavia and
    the rest of the World"

3. The Creatrix13 channel on Youtube:

4. Feel more alive - protect your children and
    yourself with the outstanding RayGuard:

Download "May the Force Be with You" (pdf)

The Great Invocation illustrated by spiritual artist Peter Fich -

Download pdf "The Great Invocation" illustrated



True Love is the key.

Infinite Waters Radio Interview with Julius about Psychotronic Warfare & The Wireless Society.

LOVE SOLUTION - Life Song from The Human Project" - feel FREE to download and upload the song everywhere - it has a love frequency.

True Love flows when having balance between emotion and intelligence. Watch about The Human Project and integrity with Dr. Doepp.

Watch talk with Dr. Rauni-Leena Lukanen Kilde about the real Force and all together 45 videos from 2009-2010 - please share with all:

Link for Playlist:






"It's all about Love and it starts with Love for yourself
and the living Life within yourself - we are all One Being.
When you Love and take care of yourself, you Love
and take care of all - let the One Love flow."

"You are a powerful Co-creator - pay attention to your
thoughts, feelings and actions. Treat others as you
would them to treat you. Be a conscious Co-creator
and be part of the Bevolution - let's One Force Be!"


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